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We specialize in trading and transporting refined products all throughout the Caribbean; from small parcels to full MRs deliveries. Our independence allows us to select the best source of product, in terms of pricing and time to deliver. We have banking experience and we works as advisor for several oil companies, power plants and local governments. 

What we do

We are a fully registered trading counterpart with all the major petroleum companies and trading firm. We supply small and large distributors and retailers with different needs, products specification. We have a fuel oil feed stock production in the Vercruz area, Mexico. We rail and barge this product to Texas. We have asphalt trading within Mexico and the Caribbean. We deliver diesel and gasoline in Mexico, Panama, Caribbean and East Caribbean. 

Why us

Thanks to our small size we have reduced costs and overheads which allows us to keep price down and work with very low margins and passing on to our customers this incredible saving. We negotiate the best freight for our charters with all the top vessels owners guaranteeing the safety and quality of the product we deliver. Among our clients/partners we have Petrocaibe east Caribbean, Vitol, CCI, Glencore, BP, PDVSA, GB Group, ENI, Gunvor among  few and several local importers and retailers. 


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